Author: Ingelia

New R&D project cofinanced by the AVI

The new R&D project “Production of renewable resins from residual biomass” carried out by a consortium in which Ingelia participate, has been awarded a subsidy by the AVI (Valencian Innovation Agency), which in turn has DEFER funds, and therefore it is co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Program of the European Regional Development…

R&D project “0e-Mision”, financed by CDTI

Ingelia participates in the project “NEW GENERATION OF ENERGY USE SYSTEMS OF RESIDUAL BIOMASS WITHOUT EMISSIONS. TOWARDS CARBON NEGATIVE ENERGY SOURCES. (0e-MISION)” financed by the call “MISIONES” of the CDTI and the Ministry of Science and Innovation. 0e-MISION brings together a group of ambitious companies eager to move forward, which with the support of research…

R&D project financed by RETOS program

According to the R&D strategy of Ingelia, we have initiated a project to study the thermochemical transformation of hydrochar for high value products, product optimization and process in a particle reactor. This project has received the support from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and the European Union through the credit lines provided on RETOS program.

R&D project with IVACE

Within the R & D strategy of Ingelia, a project has been initiated for the development of a sustainable biorefinery system applicable to the recovery of citrus residues, based on combining the hydrothermal carbonization technology, already developed by Ingelia, with anaerobicdigestion and the cultivation of microalgae for a full use of citrus waste and its…

Atlantic Biorefinery Conference

From 7 to 9 2017, Ingelia participated to the Atlantic Biorefinery Conference, held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. During the conference, focused on DISCOVERING innovative sustainable TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE BIOECONOMY, researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and funders descended on Fredericton, New Brunswick to learn about the latest tech and policies around biofuels, bioenergy, bioproducts, and biorefining.