Collaborating institutions

Ingelia has obtained the collaboration of Public administration as well as, since the start-up of the pilot plant in 2010, has made numerous R&D activities with world-class technology partners that place it as world leader in HTC technological development of hydrothermal carbonization.

Most important findings from R&D activities and collaborations with technology partners:

  • Knowledge on the operation of an industrial plant, parameters and costs of operation.

  • Upgrade of the design of the equipment for optimizing plant operation.

  • Research with different types of raw material: organic fraction of waste, sewage sludge, green waste, residues of agro-food industry, digestate.

  • Obtaining of coals, analysis and sizing of equipment for compliance with the rules of biofuels. Separation of inert, reduction of ashes, drying and pelleting.

  • Research and analysis of the properties of the HTC pellet, testing of combustion, gasification, study of adequate conditions of storage and transport.

  • Research and analysis of applications of hydrochar for other uses than energy: absorbent, agronomic use, product design.

  • Research and analysis of fertilized effluent for irrigation and replacement of chemical fertilizers. Application of a concentration process of nutrients by osmosis.

  • Participation in the Standardization Committee ISO/TC 238/WG02 for definition of biofuels norms.

  • Collaboration with the JRC-EC for the implementation of HTC technology to the valorization of organic residues and the inclusion of the technology in the BAT technologies list for waste treatment

  • Support by the EIT InnoEnergy Boostway for the transformation of high moisture organic waste into bioproducts and the Commercialization and Industrialization of this technology

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