Ingelia has been awarded with several Awards for Innovation and Sustainability

  • Ingelia´s CEO awarded the EU Mision Innovation Champion 2020

“Every day, talented and audacious people across the globe are creating solutions to make the planet a better place. In the current times, these innovators and their dreams of a sustainable future bring hope and optimism to citizens. I congratulate our Mission Innovation Champions. Their achievements will inspire people around the globe to embark on the transition to clean energy.” Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

  • 2020 Finalist Katerva Award
  • Ingelia´s CEO shortlisted for EU Prize for Women Innovators
  • Ingelia´s CEO selected for the EIT Enterpreneurship and Leadership Award
  • 2018 BIOVAL Award to the best Industrial Initiative
  • 2017 EC Watify Award

  • 3 Seal of Excellence from the European Commission obtained in the years 2016 and 2017
  • 2017 UK Energy Research Accelerator Award
  • EUBIA Award 2015, of the European Biomass Industry Association, for the advancement of Biomass Industry.
  • ULYSSES Award 2011, from the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, in the category of “Business Innovation”, granted for the contribution to the sustainability of the tourism industry in a project presented that transforms organic municipal waste into biofuels to be used locally by the municipalities recipient of large amounts of tourists (video:
  • INNOVATORS Prize 2013, El Mundo (Il Corriere della Sera group), where INGELIA was selected as “Best Innovation” in the category “Public Private Partnership” on the V edition of Awards organized by the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”.
  • PERSEO Award 2011, Iberdrola Group, in the category of “Innovative Technologies in Biomass”, granted for the innovation in the treatment of Biomass using the HTC technology .
  • GREEN SEAL Award, IM2 company in the category of “Innovative Initiatives”.
  • Third prize on EGETICA INNOVATION Award, Egética Fair 2012.
  • Finalists in the 2012 Cleantech Open.
  • Bioconnecta in Valladolid, 2012. Exposure of Ingelia’s project was the most valued by those attending the conference in the two modalities (sector companies and large consumers)