Ingelia Model

Ingelia model represents an opportunity to turn every biowaste treatment in a profitable and sustainable business

Input Materials

Ingelia plant works with any type of organic waste. Thanks to the sustainability of its innovative technology, Ingelia ensures a reduction in the treatment cost from 2o to 50% compared to the present European standards.

The short time of the reaction (6-8 hours) allows to avoid the long time, polluting and expensive biowaste storage. Additionally, the input biowaste can be processed contemporarly in a biowaste mixture, in order to adjust the plant process quality.

The HTC plant

The plant is modular and, therefore, easily scalable, ensuring a short payback time at any size, from 2 to 30 reactors. One single reactor capacity is 3500 dry Tn/year.

The process is continuous and exothermic, therefore, the energy consumption is less than 15% of the total energy content of the obtained biocoal. Additionally, the reactors don’t have moving part, thus the required maintenance is low and not expensive.

End products

The produced biocoal is a high value solid biofuel, rich in carbon, and hydrogen, but also with valuable content  of nutrients.

This ensure a wide and diversified market demand, with a high market value (from 170 €/t).

Thanks to the process efficiency, and to the upgrading systems included in the plant, the biocoal quality is homogenous and in line with the required international standards for both biofuels and biofertilizers.

The liquid fraction is usable as received, after desalination and concentration, for agriculture fields fertirrigation. The great interest in new biofertilizers facilitate the application of this product, and ensure a growing market demand.