The Ingelia HTC plant is able to process any type of organic waste produced by food industries, municipalities or waste water treatment plant. The technology recovers the 98% of the carbon contained in the processed material, which is made available in the form of a pelletized green coal, with a high carbon density, a competitive market price, hydrophobic, easily transportable and storable.

  • The Biocoal, thanks to the high value, can be used in all those industrial sectors where organic carbon is needed, like agriculture, and energy.

  • The liquid phase produced during HTC process represents a nutrient rich organic fertilizer, usable to improve soil quality and foster plant growth by adding biological Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and further valuable elements

These innovative products give the actual opportunity to replace fossil fuels, improving the agriculture, energy and further industry sector sustainability and, thus, reducing Greenhouse Gases emissions!