As pioneer and promoter of the first HTC industrial plant in Europe, Ingelia is leader in hydrothermal carbonisation technology, with an expertise of 10 years made of research, development, and commercialization activities. The Ingelia staff has a great expertise in both industrial development and construction of continuous, sustainable, HTC plants. In addition to the plant implementation and sale, Ingelia can offer a wide range of activities:

  • Feasibility study for treatment of biomass through the HTC process

  • Technical-economic models for valorisation of biomass through HTC technology

  • Supply and install “turnkey” hydrothermal carbonization plant of biomass,

  • Paerticipating in research activities related to HTC for demo tests, products upgrading assessment, and market potentials.

A high value, open, and active financial partner…

INGELIA SL cooperates with industries, products end users, policy makers, and universities to develop applications for the Hydrothermal Carbonisation technology. Additionally, upon specific request and interest, the company establishes cooperation, framework and joint venture agreements with international partners to support the deployment of its HTC plants all over the world.