INGELIA selected again for taking part in the EUBCE

Oral Presentatin at the EUBCE2019


Once again, Ingelia has been selected to present its latest advances on HTC at the prestigious European Biomass Conference EUBCE2019 that this year took place in June in Lisbon.

Ingelia presented its solution for the recovery of sewage sludge that has been supported by the Italian region of Tuscany, through the Sludge 4.0 project in which the Italian delegation of Ingelia, Ingelia Italia S.p.a. also participates.

In the Tuscany region, 110,000 tons of municipal sewage sludge are generated every year, of which Acea Ambiente SpA manages 75,000 tons / year.

The Sludge 4.0 project aims to develop a logistics program for the transport and recovery of sludge in a HTC plant implemented by Ingelia Italia SpA. This plant will transform 80,000 tons of sludge per year into biomaterials, recovering carbon, phosphorus and nutrients, generating two products: biolignite and liquid biofertilizer.

Likewise, a digital platform will be developed to model sludge management through HTC, economic costs, social and environmental indicators, in order to optimize logistics and strategic management of the proposed solution.

The European Biomass conference is promoted by the European Union and takes place annually in different cities of the EU. There meet the most avant-garde solutions and innovative projects in Europe.

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