Juri Bettollini, the Mayor of Chiusi, on the press about Acea´s HTC Plant: “A truly clean and ecological plant of those important for the circular economy”

Juri Bettollini, the Mayor of Chiusi (Italy) spoke on the press “Il Tempo” about the HTC Plant that ACEA Ambiente has decided to build in Chiusi. The Mayor described the Plant as “a truly clean and ecological Plant, of those important for the circular economy.”

The Mayor of Chiusi, said to the director of “Il Tempo” that “The Plant in Chiusi will be built by Acea Ambiente as first HTC Plant in Italy. It recycles sewage sludge and organic fraction of municipal solid waste, transformig them into bio-lignite a kind of ecological bio-coal. The Plant will bring double environmental advantages, on one side it creates a bioproduct which can substitute fossil coal and on the other side it ricycles organic wastes, using a new technology that does not produce emmissions neither contaminants”. ….” All Politicians say that the future is the circular economy and this cannot be done without building new plants.”

14 luglio il tempo

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