Ingelia S.L. recognized by E-World in Germany, as one of the three selected newcomers shaking up the energy transition

Valencia, April 2- Ingelia S.L. has been recognized by the E-World fair in Germany as one of the most innovative companies that are making a revolution in the transition of the European energy sector. Ingeliapresented its business project at E-world as one of the most important meeting points within the sector, dealing with the future of the European energy supply.

E-World took place in the German city of Essen. The event is a leading annual fair for energy management and water resources, where visitors and exhibitors from all over the world, have the oportunity to present new technologies regarding core production, efficiency, trade, transport and storage of energy resources, as well as green technologies.

Ingelia attended the event after being selected by Innoenergy Germany as one out of ten companiesdedicated to the most outstanding innovations in Europe. Innoenergy promotes innovation in the European energy industry by presenting  innovative business ideas to  specialized audience.

Variety of projects

The variety of projects presented at E-World was very broad: from new digital platforms for energy trading or the optimization of electrical networks to the control or digital monitoring of domestic heating using new software.

Ingelia´s project and business plan to developing  Hydrothermal Carbonization Technology at industrial scale was worthy of great recognition by the organization. Its process of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) of biomass and waste  allows to recover ,more than 95% of the carbon molecules present in the waste and transform it into a solid  solid product with high PCI (calorific value) and low humidity, high combustion efficiency and without CO2 emission taxes. Ingelia´s process works withdifferent types of organic materials to produce similar end products.  Ingelia´s HTC process  has been exported to other countries, inside and outside the EU.Ingelia´s business units are currently operating in different countries in Europe.

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