KIC Innoenergy bets on Ingelia with an investment in its shareholding

InnoEnergy boosts innovation for sustainable energy in Europe with support of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, bets on the company Ingelia S.L. with an investment in its shareholding. This way Innoenergy sees in Ingelia a real potential to which it provides assistance to market its technological innovation both in the reuse of biomass and organic wastes and in the production of biofuels.

A great opportunity for Ingelia, which has already closed its fourth capital increase with a balanced shareholding focused on company’s international expansion. Innoenergy favors its connection to markets and commercial opportunities throughout Europe. Through its European network of industry experts, companies and researchers, InnoEnergy will allow Ingelia access to more than 360 European project partners to support its development and shorten the time of commercialization of its innovative ideas.

The concept of Ingelia S.L. meets the requirements to change the future of the sustainable energy sector by managing to solve the problems of waste management, generating carbon materials for bioindustry applications, in line with the objectives of the CE


At InnoEnergy, they build sustainable and durable operating frameworks based on industry, research and education within the energy sector. To ensure the most efficient use of primary energy sources, future energy production will depend on the optimal combination of power generation and chemical production. Coal, gas and its chemical derivatives, therefore, still have an important role to play in creating a stable and long-term energy supply for Europe.

That is why InnoEnergy promotes innovation in waste conversion technologies, flexible energy systems, carbon capture and storage, and extraction of unconventional gas and oil that help reduce CO2, NOx, SOx and particulate emissions; besides optimizing the use of biomass, waste and unconventional gases, as well as fossil fuels and supporting an economically viable strategy for the capture and storage of CO2. On the other hand, it is committed to extending the use of natural resources such as unconventional gas and increasing operational efficiency in both energy production and industrial processes.


InnoEnergy has 22 shareholders and works with more than 400 partners and project partners across Europe in the fields of education, innovation and business. Its activities are managed through its regional offices located in Benelux, Central Europe, France, Germany, Iberia and Scandinavia. At the same time, it has an extensive network of partners representing industries, research centers and top-level universities throughout Europe.
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