The Regional Secretary for Ecological Transition visits INGELIA HTC Plant in Nàquera

During the morning of March 30, the Regional Secretary for Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, Ms. Paula Tuzón Marco, visited the HTC Plant that Ingelia operates in the municipality of Nàquera. The Regional Secretary who holds the position in the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, since June 21, 2019, visited the facilities interested in the technology of the Valencian company Ingelia, that manages to recover the materials of different organic waste streams, transforming them into biochar for its application as raw material in the industry.

The HTC technology, developed at an industrial level by the Valencian company Ingelia, the worldwide leader in its sector, which holds 15 international patents in this field, enables the recovery of different types of organic waste streams with optimal balance. 3 industrial plants operate in Europe with Ingelia´s technology which is working on an extensive portfolio of projects that will be carried out in the coming months.

The Regional Secretary went to Nàquera accompanied by her technical team and handed over to the CEO of Ingelia, a letter of support from the Generalitat Valenciana to the Ingelia project, as a manifestation of support and promotion of the circular economy and creation of local value.


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