Ingelia delivers a Mobile HTC-Lab to a worldwide operating company

Ingelia´s latest development is a mobile and transportable HTC-Lab, built inside a container with standard dimensions for maritime transport. The mobile HTC plant enables to process all type of organic waste streams and sludge.

The HTC reactor´s volume is 300 liters and it is equipped with a reception device to feed in the biomass. The HTC equipment is manufactured in stainless steel and works at 220ºC.

The process thermal energy is provided by an immersion heater. After the HTC reactor, a grinding equipment reduces the hydrochar particle size while it allows the separation of inerts, like stones or pieces of metals and glass.

A coal slurry tank contains the clean hydrochar slurry prior to its transportation to the filter press where the hydrochar is separated from the process water, producing hydrochar cakes.

The HTC-Lab is equipped with an in-house developed Scada Program. Operators receive training by Ingelia´s technology experts so that the plant can operate both manually and automatically.

All the equipment is certified with the CE label and manufactured following the quality standards of INGELIA.

Thanks to the transportable HTC plant, Ingelia´s clients can test all type of wastes which are available close to the location where they intend to build an industrial HTC installation.


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