Ingelia S.L. becomes part of BIO REN and strengthens its visibility in Europe

Ingelia S.L. is one of the ten European partners that have joined Bio Ren, a group that supports projects and focuses on the research of waste technologies to valorize and develop renewable energies, especially bioenergy, applying and incorporating engineering concepts.


This supposes for Ingelia S.L. a new European recognition in its trajectory and a support in its expansion because Bio Ren is focused on all projects that involve the search for new raw materials for the production of energy; biotechnological, chemical and thermal processes for the development of biofuels; and the development of waste reuse materials and technologies.


In this way Ingelia S.L. is included in the Horizon 2020 project, which is the research and innovation program launched by the European Union (EU) and is expected to lead to more advances, discoveries and scoops worldwide, turning the great ideas that have emerged into products market.


Bio Ren recently held a partner session in Belgium focused on the use of waste as a raw material and energy source for  transport, as well as research in the production areas of Liquid Biofuels. In fact, a report from the European Parliament has also proposed that this sector examine the search for alternative fuels for the transport. 


The selection of a biofuel has a positive influence on both the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the improvement of local air quality.

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