The European Commission recognizes Ingelia´S HTC Process as key enable technology for organic wastes valorization in Europe

Valencia, July 23-The European Commission congratulates the company Ingelia S.L. for its successful effort in transforming the organic waste sector into a sustainable business through advanced technologies. Specifically, DG Growth – Intemal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs -through a letter from its general director, Mr. Slawomir Tokarski, recognizes and applauds the development of the business of INGELIA highlighting the WATIFY Solution Award 2017, with which the company was awarded last November in Copenhagen.

The WATIFY 2017 Award is a recognition of the potential of INGELIA’s technology to bring modem, sustainable solutions to the organic waste treatment sector. The WATIF’Y Award recognizes that the business model developed by INGELIA SL, represents an innovative. highly sustainable technical solution, which allows to extract vital elements, like Carbon, and nutrients, from organic waste, producing advanced marketable products. The proposed technology was considered by the jury as a high impact with the potential to contribute to solving two of the most pressing issues affecting not only Europe, but the whole world – pollution and climate change.

An initiative of the European Commission that seeks innovative small and medium-sized companies that, through key technologies, serve as an inspiring example for European industry.


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