The positioning of INGELIA S.L. will improve greatly with the new regulatory framework

This week the national press echoes the increase in our country of more than 28% in the consumption of coal. This percentage indicates that Spain is the country in the world that has grown the most in this polluting consumption. In fact, we are at levels of consumption higher than Asia, and well above the European average.

Main causes

The production of energy in Spain depends largely on hydraulic power plants, which generate energy by the waterfall. The drought we suffer in our country has caused the displacement of part of this production to thermal energy, which is produced by the combustion of coal. A more expensive and dirtier combustion. In addition, we must not forget that thermal power plants pollute much more for their CO2 emissions.

Positioning of INGELIA S.L.

Because of this increase in coal consumption, CO2 emissions increased by 4’4%. A balance, without a doubt, highly negative, which requires an immediate government action, and which will be finalized in 2018 with the new Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition. This law will address changes in taxation, in the promotion of self-consumption and other actions, but we will highlight two that directly affect the development and positioning of INGELIA S.L.

  2. Support will be given to new technologies to produce renewable energies, such as HTC’s technology from INGELIA.

These two aspects have a very positive impact on the future of INGELIA S.L., both in the reuse of biomass and in the production of biofuel. A new normative framework that will greatly improve the positioning of INGELIA S.L.

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