Ingelia´s technology contributes to reduce CO2 print in the steel sector

INGELIA participated on the 18th October 2019 at the Swerim-Jernkontoret Workshop in Stockholm “ A FOSSIL FREE SOCIETY, WHAT ROLE CAN THE INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS PLAY?

Pannel discussion


Ingelia was very honoured to participate in the international workshop “A fossil free society. What role can the industrial symbiosis play?” organised by Swerim together with Jernkontoret in Stockholm on the 18th October 2019.

The workshop was celebrated within an international forum at Jernkontoret, Stockholm. More than 50 participants from 8 countries, including Austria, Belgium, China, Finland, Germany, Netherland, Spain and Sweden, joined this event. In addition, NETL/DOE from USA also contributed in a video presentation about the advanced CO2 capture technology. Climate change is a global problem. National, regional and global efforts are required in order to tackle this problem economic-, environment- and energy-effectively.  Jaap Vente, Jose Noldin, Marisa Hernández Latorre, Gunnar Ruist, Xinchuang Li, Bob Talling, Björn Haase, Frank Wondra, Gert Karlsson participated in a fantastic panel discussion, sharing views and perspectives on how to reduce the fossil carbon dioxide affordably and globally. Thank you, Chuan Wang and Robert Eriksson to chair and moderate this event. Great supports from Vinnova (OSMET project via UDI program), RFCS (LowCarbonFuture project), Jernkontoret and Swerim AB are acknowledged sincerely. #Vinnova, #energimyndigheten, #naturvårdsverket, Frida Panoussis FridaRit, Outokumpu, Ingelia,TNO, Höganäs ABVolvo Group, SSAB Lhoist ,SCA Obbola AB, Stora EnsoK1-MET GmbH, Envigas AB, SMA Mineral Peab Asfalt AB Boliden

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